This book follows young Grace as she learns to conquer her fear of heights through faith, self-belief and a positive attitude.

SYNOPSIS: G. Skylar Jamison is now 9 years old. She lives in the beautiful State of Florida. Her family and friends call her Grace. Her mom tells her all the time that she is called Grace to remind her of just how special and blessed she really is.

Grace likes to spend most of her time outdoors jumping rope, running relay races, and playing hide-and-seek with her friends. She enjoys wearing flowers in her hair to remind her of being outside, where things grow and fly. She also likes to act out pretend games. This is a time when she gets to pretend to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, and sometimes even a parachutist. That is right: a parachutist, which means she hopes to someday fly in the sky like a bird just as her mom did when she was in the Army.